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Triking Type 4 information.


“Exceptional Engineering Evolving …”


The Triking Type 4 has evolved as a natural progression from the well-established previous Triking models.
Utilising the Moto Guzzi engine and drive train from the well-regarded range of “CARC” motorcycle 
models the Type 4 features a revised cockpit area offering greater occupant comfort with improved leg and foot room notably around the pedals and controls. The resulting overall dimensions are inevitably larger than previous models while retaining the definitive, distinctive Triking proportions. The Type 4 represents refinement and subtle “modernization” while consolidating positive attributes and of course the unique character of Tony Divey’s original Triking design dating back to the 1970s.

Extensive development, research and testing have resulted in a chassis, steering and suspension combination which provides extremely precise handling and road holding, ideally suited to Moto Guzzi`s well-proven drivetrain. This exhaustive process consisted largely of the traditional approach of prototype manufacture, experimentation, thorough testing and probably most importantly “real world” proving.
Manufactured using a combination of conventional metal fabrication techniques and advanced CAD, CNC component engineering, the Type 4 has an innovative spaceframe/ backbone/panel chassis providing the optimum in performance
, rigidity and longevity without undue weight. Semi stressed bodywork is laminated in GFRP incorporating strategic Kevlar re-enforcement providing additional side impact protection.
Synonymous with build quality Triking Sports Cars are bespoke handcrafted in England using traditional techniques while incorporating modern construction methods where advantageous. Performance, Longevity, practicality a
nd dependability are prime design considerations.

Raw materials and components are sustainably sourced within the UK and Europe.
Despite obvious superficial similarities to the previous Triking Type 1, 2 and 3 models, the Type 4 is a dedicated design therefore with the exception of some universal parts few components from previous models interchange with the Type 4.

The Triking Type 4 uses the Moto Guzzi engine, drive train and front brakes from any of the range of “CARC” big block engined bikes i.e. Norge, Griso, Sport, Breva and Stelvio (Stelvio model has some minor suspension differences) The advantages of this range of donor bikes over previous Moto Guzzi models include…..

  • Smoother transmission with 6-speed gearbox and hydraulic clutch.

  • More compliant rear suspension with improved traction control and reduced unsprung weight.

  • Improved engine power characteristics with greater torque.

  • Cleaner emissions and favorable fuel economy.


The Type 4 is available made to order as a comprehensive kit or fully built “turn-key” car and can be supplied either Right or Left-hand drive.

Further options will become available where appropriate and as development continues.


Specifications in brief :


Width: Standard Track 1670mm Wide track option 1750mm
Length: 3250mm
Weight: 390KG
Engine: Moto Guzzi 1100 or 1200ccair cooled, Fuel Injected V twin.

Transmission: 6 speed manual with mechanical reverse, Hydraulic clutch. Single rear wheel drives via a shaft.
Steering: Manual rack and pinion
Front – Double unequal length wishbone polyurethane bushed, fully adjustable coil over damper shock absorbers.
Rear – Moto Guzzi “CARC” system single sided swing arm with fully adjustable mono shock suspension.
Brakes: Disc, dual circuit hydraulic, Cable operated parking brake.
Fuel tank: capacity 29 Litres.


Type 4 Comprehensive kit contents


  1. Spaceframe/panel chassis assembly with integral floor pan and tunnel, Black polyester powder coated finish.

  2. Glove box, Mudguard blades, rear bulkhead. Supplied in standard molded Gel coat finish (unpainted)

  3. Parking brake assembly including brake caliper.

  4. Stainless steel flex/copper brake pipe set.

  5. Reverse gear transmission assembly. Reverse gearbox and drive shafts, Gear change linkage.

  6. Front wheels, powder coated rim, alloy hub, stainless steel spokes

  7. Dashboard blank – aluminum.

  8. Interior Trim set – vinyl – seats, side panels, tunnel cover and cockpit surround. Choice of any standard color. (Bespoke trim options available, contact us for details)

  9. Light set –headlights, tail lights and indicators.

  10. Mudguard Stays – pair – Stainless steel.

  11. Exhaust system – Stainless steel (Excludes silencers)

  12. Steering assembly – Column and standard ratio rack.

  13. Pedal assembly – Alloy billet, fully adjustable.

  14. Static seatbelt – Pair.

  15. All steel components in the T4 kit are supplied powder coated in Black as standard (alternate color finishes are available to order)

  16. Engine and rear swing arm mounts.

  17. Fuel tank.

  18. Shock adjustable/rebuildable front suspension, wishbones, uprights and all bushes.

  19. GFRP body tub with integral Kevlar side impact protection, hood and Rear cover.


Current lead time from receipt of deposit to completion of order is about 16 weeks.


Any / all components as shown in the T4 kit can be supplied individually, contact us for full details and pricing.


Type 4 extras and upgrades.





  1. Aluminum or Stainless-steel front wheel rims pair.

  2. Extra wide front wheel rim – available in Stainless steel only.

  3. Wide Track front suspension 80mm increase overs standard track.

  4. Leather Trim.

  5. Quick ratio steering rack.

  6. Stainless steel fuel tank.

  7. Powder coating alternate colors.

  8. Quick release steering column/boss.




  1. Full touring windscreen.

  2. Windscreen wipers (under development)

  3. Billet / split rim Alloy rear wheel.

  4. Tonneau (Cockpit) cover.

  5. Wiring harness (vehicle electrical system) 

  6. Wiring harness (engine management electrical system) TBC

  7. Rear view mirror 3-piece set.

  8. Luggage Rack.

  9. Bespoke electronic instrument set – (Triking logos on large dial faces)

  10. K & N air filters (engine model specific)

  11. Alloy gear lever knobs x 2 with Triking logo.

  12. Exhaust guards / Heat shields pair.


Triking Sportscars operate a policy of continuous improvement and therefore reserve the right to alter specifications and/or prices without prior notice.


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